Academic Support Services

White Behavioral Consultants offers academic support to traumatic brain injury survivors, with sessions tailored to each individual’s needs. Our academic support specialists offer supplemental activities to help foster growth in targeted areas identified by the client, client’s family and/or support system, as well as school staff members.

What makes our academic support services unique is our specialists’ ability to address behavioral issues that impact the client’s academic achievement. Our academic support specialists work in close contact with the behavioral therapist for continuity of care, and provide behavioral interventions to reinforce positive learning habits, both in school and at home. Many of our academic support specialists are licensed teachers, professional tutors and/or licensed behavioral therapists.

Our academic support specialists:

  • Conduct weekly sessions with the client to monitor/foster academic growth
  • Assist with mastery of schoolwork and homework assignments
  • Provide regular communication with the family/support system to help build academic support frameworks within the home

All academic support sessions occur in a designated location that has been agreed upon by all parties involved, most often a local library.