Taking a Personalized Approach…

Integrated On-Site Behavioral Modification

White Behavioral Consultants has extensively researched best practice models for behavioral modification with traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors and discovered that an integrated approach best meets their needs. While we pull from a variety of counseling and behavioral theories, we have had our greatest success with cognitive behavioral techniques.

Our approach to every management intervention is personalized, focusing on the strengths of the individual. By focusing on those strengths, we encourage empowerment that enables clients to manage their behavioral issues on their own.

We also believe that the best results come from behavioral modification sessions that are conducted on-site where the disruptive behaviors are occurring. This enables us to involve other individuals who are impacted and allows clients to practice using the tools we give them in a real-world setting.

Our commitment to serving our clients does not stop at a single on-site location. Our staff members often attend individualized educational programs (IEPs), team meetings, doctor appointments, and other consultation appointments.