What Others Are Saying…

Clients and Family

I began with White Behavioral about nine years ago. When I began, I was a ball of mess, i.e., mad at the world, violent, hostile, and more. I began with Dr. White. She began by telling me to get a date book to write down names and numbers, even the events that I experienced with individuals, which I did. Now, in 2015, I am pretty much cooled down and as busy as I used to be prior to the closed-head injury that I sustained in 2004.

Angela M.

After my husband’s moderate TBI we were both concerned about his long term recovery and how he was going to adjust back into everyday life. We started working with Angela about 3 months after his injury and she has helped tremendously in his recovery. She works with us once a week as a couple and works with my husband once a week on his own. Angela listens very well and has great intuition and I think that’s a big part of the reason she has been so able to help my husband in his recovery. She really understands what he’s going through and is able to help both of us understand and cope with the changes. Angela has been a blessing during this time.

Kathy C

Case Managers

White Behavioral Consultants – Professional, Caring and Effective. Great company to work with.

Terri Hamlin, RN, CCM


I refer clients to White Behavioral when their behaviors are not managed well by staff or family in the home setting. The WBC consultants provide laser-like analysis of the problems and offer very workable strategies for both clients and caregivers.

Jennifer E. Doble, M.D.Associates in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, P.C.Ypsilanti, Michigan